Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you informed of activities in my chambers.

My latest site update focuses on my medical speciality and features sessions with my fetish patients. I have uploaded six photos, which gives just a small sample of the treatments and operations taking place in my Preston White Room, some of the operations I’ve captured are quite explicit. Captions are also included to give you a taste of my style of delivery.

I like to keep my medical setup as authentic as possible, I wear appropriate medical uniforms or a rubber clinic outfit if that’s your kink. My clinic is open on weekdays and appointments are available from 12 noon. Enquiries from new patients are welcome.

A wide range of medical procedures are available, from painless health checks to painful operations – anal exams, enemas, electro and pressure play, CBT and nipple torture with surgical instruments to name a few.

I am heavily into breath play and am particularly well equipped for the same. Unique equipment is in use, designed for gasmask lovers who enjoy control with rebreathers and bubble bottle treatments. Aromas are allowed to enhance your enjoyment and aid relaxation, however, breathplay using bottled gases is not on the menu and I have no plans to introduce them.

If your interest is medical play, please check my webpages for a comprehensive guide to the medicine I offer, or visit my recovering patients by clicking here