Princess Sofia Domme of London – My Plans

Princess Sofia of London, Intro, 2014 Updates, plans and news…

I am Princess Sofia, a young and beautiful professional London Mistress offering BDSM and Fetish sessions in Central London

I’m 20 years old and I’m 5ft 2 with size 2 feet.

I am very slim with large natural breasts and long dark hair with big green cat eyes.

I’m young, I’m beautiful and I’m smart. I am arrogant narcissistic and very aloof.

I am better than you. You are nothing. Never forget that.


A session with the Princess is something different to a run of the mill pro-domme experience. My sessions are run from my princess’ pad, not from a dungeon (though it is possible to arrange upon request) At the end of the day, why should I be uncomfortable for YOU?? I do not have tonnes of equipment, only that necessary to whip you into shape, humiliate you and ultimately turn you into my little whore…. I live and session from my place in Covent Garden, Central London.

If a session with the archetypal daddy’s girl brat in a domestic setting is what you are looking for I’m it!! 😉

Updates for me and my life can be found on my blog, including domination stories I write, my new regular feature “loon of the day” and new pictures. the link is:

I have decided that 2014 is the year that I really want to make my mark on the BDSM world, and one of the many ways I’ll be doing that is setting up a home photographic studio. I am planning to start filming clips for myself and other girls as well as renting it out to sessionning dommes.

I have a check list of things i require, here’s is what has been bought, and what is left:

Set of photography clamps: £12.50
Apple MacBook pro: £1,359 BOUGHT
Reflector: £11.70
Lighting set: £249.99 BOUGHT
Green Backdrop: £42
Black Backdrop: £42
White backdrop: £42 BOUGHT
Expansion set:  £79.47 BOUGHT
Backdrop wall mount: £42.97
IPAD air: £466 – £200 GIVEN, £266 LEFT
Samsung digicam: £110 BOUGHT
Canon legria G25 HD Camcorder: £699 BOUGHT
Light with softbox: £89.99
Beautydish: £162.01
Honeycomb beautydish cover: £103.63
Photography clamps: £12.50

I am accepting giftcard to go towards these for as little as £5. So if you want to buy me a present and aren’t sure what, or you can’t afford to splash too much cash this is the best way to do it While perfumes and shoes are nice, this is investing in my future in the scene 🙂

So if you’d like your own personal collection of Princess Sofia clips you know what to do!

For every £50 I am given towards any of these items the lucky sub in question will get a free video once I’m up and shooting. So make sure you leave an email address I can send it to when you give a giftcard!

Amazon giftcards and paypal tributes can be sent to

It is also my 21st birthday on 7th Jan!!! I will be having gorgeous celebrations with lots of bubbly so if you’d like to spoil me besides buying the stuff mentioned above or sending lovely lovely money, you can buy things from my wishlist:

Lastly I am looking for filming slaves; the ideal criteria will be:
•males and females of various ages, body shapes and ethnicities
•has own car
•is ok to have face on camera
•has experience/ recommendations
•happy to pay £100 deposit (refundable after filming)
•has few/no limits
•preferably English as first language
•flexible availability
•local to me

if you’d like to apply contact me through my website

Anyways thanks to everyone for reading my news, hope you all want to get involved!

Worship me, love me, adore me…… But mostly, fear me. Come and play… if you think you’re brave enough!!!


Princess Sofia