Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you up to date with the latest news from my playrooms.
My latest site update features a new piece of furniture. ‘The Plank’ is now available for use in my Preston Chambers. Specially designed for mummification and suspension combinations. I use a bondage slave, some words and lots of photos to demonstrate its functionality.
Bondage is one of my main specialities, and heavy bondage a favourite. I am pleased to announce that my mummification is better, safer and easier since I have been using the plank. The handsome mummies I have been creating in my playroom would give the ancient Egyptians a run for their money. Just like the ancient Egyptians, once I have you incarcerated I too work magic spells, a kind that makes you appreciate who’s the real mummy around here, and be warned – in my ritual mummifications it is mandatory that I remove at least one of your organs!
Gone are the days of running round a slave a hundred times with my roll of cling film making myself dizzy. Well almost, as I do know that some slaves still love to be immobilised in a seated position, or that planking may not appeal to every cling film lover.
Potential mummies are welcome to apply, I recommend sessions of 2+ hours for mummification.
In the meantime, please check out my website for a full range of bondage possibilities and view my furniture feature by clicking this link