My latest site update is about the CP conducted in my Preston chambers. All of my CP pages have been updated and four new photos have been added, these better illustrate the arsenal of implements I enjoy using on your sorry bottoms, and the results when they are deployed.

My expertise extends to spankings, traditional corporal punishment and floggings. I do a special shorter dedicated CP session for those needing a quick fix and roleplay is an option.

I pride myself on doing structured sessions where your favourite activities are strongly featured, playing within your personal comfort zones. This means that CP is not obligatory, it is reserved for subs who like, want, appreciate or expect it.

Brutal, merciless beatings are not on the menu here.

For roleplay sessions I get more requests for a teacher or an aunty, since I opened my medical facility nurse has been doing a lot of spanking as well, but most men visiting me for corporal punishment do not require any special uniform.

The most popular CP session I am asked for consists of a spanking, followed by a caning or strapping – anything upto 20 strokes seems enough for most, with some strap-on and tease for that extra bit of spice.

Items for your correction and discipline include: paddles, hand spankings, slippers, brushes, tawses, canes, whips, crops, belts, straps.

Polite new students are welcome but you’ll need to do your homework first. Become fully informed, start viewing my update here