Mistress Maggie – New Strap-On Photos



Hi Mistress Maggie here, keeping you informed of my latest updates.

I have just updated my website with a new fetish photo-set called ‘Dildo Delights’.

This photo-set shows six big pictures of me in my retro lingerie and one of my favourite strap-ons.

Being a Dominatrix, I find nothing more natural than topping a bottom and more so in the literal sense. Provided you are respectfully clean, old and new bottoms are always welcome in my Preston chambers, where I like to use my range of anal toys to pleasurably invade and excite your derrieres.

I cater for anal play in a medical setting using cold steel speculums and scopes, gloved examinations, rubber inflatable plugs and dildos, enemas and electric toys. For more traditional stretching and strap-on action I have a cosy room, well equipped for hanging you up or bending you over for full strap on penetration.

The strap on featured in the photos is about medium sized compared with my others. I have a lot of good experience at judging the right size for you, or stretching you gently if that is what is required.

Bathroom and douching facilities are available.

If you have an asshole that needs filling, click this link and have a sniff at the size of my dildo