Mistress Maggie – My New Gynae Couch

Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you up to date with the latest news from my Chambers.

I now have a superb, multi-positional, electric gynae couch that creates a bright and modern centre piece to my medical set-up in Preston. It’s been fun getting to grips with the remote control functions, my fetish guinea pig patients have been taking some pretty unexpected pleasure trips on it, whilst others have simply enjoyed being one of the first to try out its many features:

  • Remote controlled height, tilt, and fold
  • Drop down arm supports
  • Adjustable leg stirrups
  • Cut-away seat section for better access during anal play
  • Upholstered in smooth antibacterial vinyl
  • Removable pulley frame for CBT and stretching procedures (not pictured)

All my White Room procedures remain the same, it’s only the couch that has changed, although my new model boasts integral PVC straps that will keep you tightly buckled down while I get on with the necessary treatments I have prepared for you.

The new gynae couch also doubles as a full length massage table, a feature which adds an extra dimension to my White Room sessions, as I am now able to lie you down comfortably in my medical setting, encased in your body bags and other immobilising wrappings, giving me full control of both your movement and functioning.

To compliment your medical session I have a nice range of rubber suits, body bags, rebreather hoods and masks available for you, and medical uniforms and rubber wear for myself, making your bondage and hot rubber fantasies more special in my company.

I am excited about the future opportunities the couch will bring for myself and my medical slaves and I look forward to taking your chosen medical treatments to new heights.

For a full guide to my medical procedures, please visit my White Room pages