Mistress Maggie – Gas Mask & Breathing Update

Gas Mask and Breathing Update




Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you informed on my website updates.

I have added an illustrated feature on my ‘Gas Station’, the unique breath play system that I use in my clinic. The gas station will be of special interest to slaves who enjoy gas masks, bubble bottle, aromas and regulated air intake.

Since it was installed in my chambers I have had a stream of enquiries from curious breathplay devotees. The update gives a full representation of the gas stations’ capabilities which should help answer your questions.

Once again I would like to mention that bottled gases are not available in my White Room medical setup and I have no plans to introduce them.

Other breath play options are available ranging from simple gas masks, anaesthetic equipment, clear plastic suffocation, rebreather hoods and inflatables, gags as well of course. If you like a Mistress or nurse capable of managing your oxygen levels follow this path to The Gas Station – click here