Mistress Maggie – Chlorinating Rubber


Hi, Mistress Maggie here with news of my latest site update.

‘Ten Steps to Rubber Heaven’ is an illustrated feature all about chlorinating rubber.

Chlorination is a process that gives your rubber garments a super smooth slippery feel, eliminating the need for talc or dressing aids, and also helps with ease of wear and maintenance.

Me and my slaves have been enjoying the delights of chlorinated rubber for twenty five years, my personal wardrobe and playrooms are full of the lovely stuff. it may have taken the rest of the world a while to catch up, but at last chlorination is becoming more mainstream and it’s even possible to do yourself.

In this latest feature I put on my gas mask and in ten easy steps show you how I achieve such fabulous results.

Curious slaves are welcome to come along for session and sample my lovely rubber for themselves, rubber bondage is one of my specialities as are rubber clinic treatments. Sessions are available Monday to Friday.

Follow this link to view ‘Ten Steps to Rubber Heaven’.