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  • Mistress Maggie – New Comic Strip Story

    Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you up to date with my latest site updates. I have just added a new story to my webpages called ‘McCane, Peel, and Mountjoy’. It’s a realtime session captured in comic strip style, or if you are plain lazy and just want pictures there’s a slideshow version as well. Police […]

  • A New Fetish Photo Set

    Hi, Mistress Maggie here with news of my latest site updates. ’Leopard Satin Scarf’ is the latest addition to my fetish photo sets. This set consists of six big pictures of me in a more casual latex ensemble, with the leopard neck scarf as a simple accessory. I have also received some feedback from slaves […]

  • Mistress Maggie – Chlorinating Rubber

    Hi, Mistress Maggie here with news of my latest site update. ‘Ten Steps to Rubber Heaven’ is an illustrated feature all about chlorinating rubber. Chlorination is a process that gives your rubber garments a super smooth slippery feel, eliminating the need for talc or dressing aids, and also helps with ease of wear and maintenance. […]

  • Dominatrix Party in London

    Come along for all the fun of the filthy fair at our next Dominatrix Party with and Next Thurs 5th March, 2-5pm, nr Russell Square, central London Get caned by the marvellous Mistress Ava! Be flogged by the amazing Mistress Eleanor! Feel cruelly seduced by the wicked Governess Xela Xaste! Call for more […]

  • Mistress Maggie – A Fiery Slave Session

    Hi, Mistress Maggie here with the latest news from my Preston chambers. I have updated my website with some hot and wet session photos. I think the title ‘Deep Heat’ pretty much sums what a slave feels when a tube of deep heat rub is applied to his delicate male parts. This latest session snippet […]

  • Mistress Maggie – New Addition to my Website Stories

    Hi, Mistress Maggie here with the latest news of my latest site update. I have posted a BDSM story that would especially appeal to those subs and slaves who appreciate CP. ‘Green Flash – Red stripes’ is a fully illustrated story, with an additional picture slideshow that captures the session events, namely, a plimsoll spanking […]

  • Mistress Maggie – Christmas Photos

    Hi, Mistress Maggie here keeping you up to date with what’s happening in my fantasy grotto. I have a couple of seasonal titbits to tell you about. Firstly, as it’s the season of good cheer, there’s an extra treat for all slaves visiting my chambers during December, each one of you will receive one of […]

  • Mistress Maggie – Gas Mask & Breathing Update

    Gas Mask and Breathing Update     Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you informed on my website updates. I have added an illustrated feature on my ‘Gas Station’, the unique breath play system that I use in my clinic. The gas station will be of special interest to slaves who enjoy gas masks, bubble bottle, […]


      My latest site update is about the CP conducted in my Preston chambers. All of my CP pages have been updated and four new photos have been added, these better illustrate the arsenal of implements I enjoy using on your sorry bottoms, and the results when they are deployed. My expertise extends to spankings, […]


    Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you up to date with the latest news from my playrooms. My latest site update features a new piece of furniture. ‘The Plank’ is now available for use in my Preston Chambers. Specially designed for mummification and suspension combinations. I use a bondage slave, some words and lots of photos […]