Adult School Day Party in Leeds



Headmistress Lady Linda, has announced the date of the next School Day – it will be held on Friday 4th April, from 12.30 until 4.30pm at The Chapel School, Leeds

In attendance will be Headmistress Lady Linda, Form Teacher Miss Kendra Markham, Special Needs Teacher Miss D Meaner, and the School Nurse.

Existing pupils should get in touch to confirm their attendance, and new pupils should contact Headmistress Lady Linda or Miss Kendra Markham so that they can attend a one to one session before being allowed to register.

Pupils of all levels attend these days, so do not be shy if you can only take soft punishment, you can be accommodated as you watch others being dealt with in a most severe way for any transgressions they may make.

OTK – Tawse – Paddles – Straps – Slipper – Plimsoll – Canes

You will also receive a full physical examination and health check from the School Nurse.

A School day is chance for you enjoy the skills of the staff and the friendly atmosphere of The Chapel School.

A school lunch will be provided.

You should arrange to book your desk as soon as possible!