A Love for Gloves



Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you informed of activities in my chambers.

My latest site update focuses on gloves. I have provided some narrative to assist the glove fetishists amongst you, along with a couple of new photos of me putting on a pair of leather ones and modelling a pair in a longer retro style.

I am an obsessive glove wearer, which is quite lucky really, it means I am always equipped for my favourite games. Covering up your mouth and having you gasping for breath, taking you OTK for a gloved spanking, oiling your holes in prep for strap-on or simply using them to seductively tantalise you.

Gloves are a definite must for my medical procedures, nurse always needs disposables for her personal safety and protection, latex gloves and gauntlets are also favourites in my rubber themed clinic.

My gloves are a mixture of practical, fun and feminine styles in loads of different fabrics and colours.

If a lady in gloves grabs your attention hit this link to view my glove fetish update